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The 5th generation continues our Gouda cheese making tradition. Original Gouda Farmers make cheese from fresh milk, but that is not the whole story:

The story goes back to 1847 were the first generation of our family started making Gouda cheese from fresh milk, from our own cows. Now, five generations later, we still make it the same way and we are proud of it. Nowadays there are about 280 farmers which are producing Gouda cheese. But from those 280 farmers 50 % pasteurises the cheese, so it’s not traditional Gouda cheese anymore. The special part of original Gouda cheese is the aspect of the raw milk. All the flavours that Mother Nature gives us stay in the milk if you won’t pasteurise. You can really taste the seasons in the cheese and it results in amazing flavours. So the fresh milk gives the cheese his own DNA.

Sustainable enterprise

We believe that sustainability and responsibility doesn’t effect our income. The whole summer our cows are walking in the fields, because we believe that a happy cow lives outside. We also build a ´´cow lounge´´. So if they want, the cows can go outside in the winter.

Besides increasing animal welfare we keep antibiotics to the minimum. Moreover, our stables are equiped with LED and we minimize pesticides. We are milking 44 cows, which means we are very small in Holland. The average farm has 90 cows. But we choose to be big by staying small. Quality is number one here, we like to keep it that way.

The sales

We sell our cheese in our shop at the farm, special shops in this area and slow food markets in Germany.

Luxury apartments at our farm

And then we thought; how cool it must be to create apartments for tourists at our farm. Realizing this totally fits in our philosophy. We live in the most beautiful part of Holland, abounding in water, and very central for a summer holiday. You can see the cows, feed the animals and buy your cheese for breakfast, how amazing. And all the tourist attractions are at your fingertips. Utrecht, Rotterdam and Scheveningen in 45 minutes.

No sooner said than done, cannot does not exist. We started the construction in August 2015, and in June 2016 we opened our doors. Now we can rent out 3 amazing apartments with all the luxury you wish for.

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