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1. Amsterdam


Discover the most beautiful places in Amsterdam. You can do that by bike, by boat through the canals or by just going for a nice city walk. You can find a lot of museums in Amsterdam, which are definitely worth a visit. The most popular Museums are: Rijksmuseum, van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank house.

Distance: 60 Km
Travel time by car: 45 minutes

2. Beach Scheveningen/ Dutch coast


In Holland we have beautiful beaches and sand dunes. The most popular one is Scheveningen, and is about 50 km from our farm. Besides Scheveningen, Holland has more nice places at the coastline, like Grevelingen and the ‘’Wadden’’ islands.

Distance: 50 km
Travel time by car: 40 minutes

3. The Gouda Cheese market

omgeving3In the city of Gouda, were the Gouda cheese gets his name from, there’s weekly a real cheese market. The cheese markets from Alkmaar and Gouda are together one of the most popular touristic attractions from Holland. Because we are centrally located in Holland you can be in Gouda ‘’in no time’’, by bike in 35 minutes.

4. Biking, walking, fishing

activiteitenThe green heart of Holland, were we are situated, is one of the best biking area in Holland. A lot of special routes by bike, beautiful nature, and a big history of monuments in a landscape abounding in full of water makes your holiday unforgettable. Do you want to rent a bike? No problem we work together with a local bike store, just let us know.

Also there are a lot of special routes available for walkers. This is truly one of the most picturesque part0 of the country. So give yourself time to immerse yourself in the scenery and tranquil atmosphere.

Living 3 meters below sea level has his own benefits. For instance fishing, our canals are filled with fish. You’ll need a special fishing pass, which you can buy in Oudewater (3km).

5. Tulips/ Keukenhof

omgeving5Keukenhof, the best day out among the flowers! There are more than 7 million bulbs in the flowers every spring, with a total of 800 varieties of tulips. A unique and unforgettable experience!
Beside the spacious 32 hectares of flowers you can enjoy the spectacular flower shows, surprising inspirational gardens, unique artwork and wonderful events. Do not miss the Tulpomania exhibition in the Juliana Pavilion.
Keukenhof is also a big party for children. They will have a blast with the treasure hunt, petting farm, maze and the playground.

A great day out for the whole family.

Distance: 45 km
Travel time by car: 45 minutes

6. Kinderdijk

omgeving6One of the most popular touristic attractions of Holland is Kinderdijk. The borough Kinderdijk has the most windmills of the entire country. It’s definitely a must see, not only because this is typical Dutch, but also because it's a real peace Dutch art.

Distance: 30 km
Travel time by car: 40 minutes

7. Oudewater

omgeving7Oudewater is the city were we are live in. Oudewater is a small city with a big history where witches, the rope factory, and the ‘’oudewaterse moord’’ are a big part of. The cosy centre of Oudewater has a big terrace above the canal and a lot of monuments build in the golden century. 

Oudewater is 2, 6 km from our farm.