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About us


Rien van Vliet

Rien van Vliet was born on this farm on December 2nd 1958. At the same day his mother was even still producing cheese. Rien produces Gouda cheese with his father (Arie) since 1989. Rien and his wife (Teuni) took over the farm in 1989.

Rien milks the cows and uses that milk also to produce Gouda cheese. He sells this cheese also in the shop at the farm.


Sander van Vliet

Sander van Vliet was born on the thirtieth of March 1991 and is the youngest sun. His biggest passions are the cows and the land. After finishing the agrarian school he decided to get in the family business with his brother (René).

rene_van_vlietRené van Vliet

René was born on December 14th 1988 and is the older brother of Sander. Unlike brother Sander his passion is to focus on the Gouda cheese. René also runs the accommodation. If you have any questions regarding cheese interests ;-), ask René.

teuni_van_vlietTeuni van Vliet

Teuni van Vliet was born on April 17th 1961 and is married with Rien van Vliet. They have 4 children, of which 2 active in the family business. Teuni milks the cows and cares for all the different animals at our farm.